Manuscript Withdrawal Policy

Authors possess all the rights to withdraw the manuscript after submitting it. There will be no charge as long as it is withdrawn within 3 days of its initial submission. If the authors appeal for withdrawal after 3 days of its initial submission, during peer review process or after the completion of processing (If the article is given a PDF number and DOI), they need to pay withdrawal fee about 30% of the publishing fee.

Other Services

  • Language Editing Services
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  • Reviewer -Certification

    Waiver Policy

    We have substantial waiver policies in place for the deserving authors whose university or institution are not providing funding assistance in research or who have lack of financial support from funding agencies. The provision for complete or partial fee waiver depends on the case-by-case basis for the authors. However, the request for waiver is taken into consideration only if the request for a waiver has been sent to the related journal before submission of the manuscript.

    Publishers Responsibilities

    Journal editors, defining clearly their relevant roles in order to ensure appropriate decisions regarding publication procedures and maintaining the transparency of editorial decisions.
    Each published article with respect to:
  • Publication and research fundings
  • Publication ethics and rectitude
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Confidentiality
  • Authorship
  • Article modifications
  • Timely publication of content